Dear fellow citizens

We have recently presented our candidates for the upcoming municipal elections.

It is often stated and confirmed that it is pleasant  to live within our community. This statement motivates us to continue our commitment to our fellow citizens to the best of  our knowledge and ability.

You are aware of the fact  that the last few years have not been an easy time for any of us. The pandemic and the war in Ukraine have shaken up our society and will continue to present us with major challenges.

« Är Leit » will continue to consistently and sustainably work to maintain and improve the quality of life in our community and carry on with the social, infrastructural, educational, cultural and environmental achievements.

With this brochure, we would like to present to you, dear fellow citizens, the recent projects that have already been realised or are in the process of being realised in Lorentzweiler.

We limit ourselves here to the work of the last three years.

Realised projects:

  • Completion of the new PAG ( General Development Plan)
  • Redesign of the Cité Roger Schmitz
  • Redesign of the Rue de Prettange
  • Extension and renovation of Club Uelzechtdall
  • New hall for the technical team of the municipal service
  • Extension of the vehicle fleet for the technical team of the municipal service.
  • Redesign of the sports fields with construction of a synthetic football pitch and conversion to LED lighting
  • Airdome for the roofing of 2 tennis courts
  • Purchase of a plot of land for the expansion of the sports and leisure infrastructure on Rue de Hünsdorf
  • New car park at the school complex to expand the Jos Wohlfart campus
  • Redesign of the school’s surroundings (new fencing for the beach volleyball field, pétanque, multisports and car park)
  • New seats in the sports hall and adaptation to the new safety regulations
  • Creation of an ecological car park in the Rue de l’Alzette in Helmdingen
  • Installation of insect-friendly LED lighting on the Lorentzweiler-Hünsdorf footpath
  • Creation of a pedestrian path in Blaschette to the « Haisercher”
  • Renewal of field paths (e.g.: « Baachlach » in Hünsdorf)
  • Renewal of the roofing of the Neolithic house in Blaschette
  • Consistent lobbying towards  the CFL and the Ministry of Transport to remove the Lorentzweiler railway barrier (PN20b) and redesign the railway station (redesign of the platforms and construction of a new subway with a lift).
  • Creation of a community garden with a public toilet in Hünsdorf
  • Creation of an ecological park in Hünsdorf

… furthermore:

  • Solidarity during the pandemic
  • Support for Ukraine
  • Climate and environmental projects (energy saving measures, local market, fair trade brunch, …)
  • Cultural projects (sculpture symposium, disturbing truths, concerts, …)
  • Nuit du Sport
  • School projects (Zappzarap circus, school garden, …)

Projects in progress:

  • Extension of the Jos Wohlfart campus with extension of the crèche, the Maison Relais with school restaurant and additional school halls.
  • Preserve and secure a 70 acre plot with yard, under  the new PAG for the purpose of creating a shared space and village center on Rue St.Laurent in Lorentzweiler.
  • Extension and conversion of the Bofferdange School into a « House of Music and Youth”
  • Redesign of Rue Jean-Pierre Glaesener near the school into a « Share Space”
  • Redesign of the « Wäissbaach » spring
  • Investigation of heavy rainfall in the area of the municipality of Lorentzweiler to analyse and prevent flooding, including a catalogue of measures to be taken
  • Comprehensive conversion of street lighting to LED
  • Intermunicipal trade zone ZAMID on « Mierscherbierg » in cooperation with Lintgen and Mersch

Thank you Jos Roller

After 47 years, Jos Roller has stepped down from his municipal political office. As mayor, he led the municipality with competence and foresight for more than 34 years.

Jos has always been a role model for « his » team and will continue to stand by « Är Leit ».

We would therefore like to sincerely thank Jos and wish him all the best for the future.

« Är Leit » in the Municipal Council

from left to right : Frazer Alexander, Arno Mersch (alderman), Billy Kremer, Marguy Kirsch-Hirtt (mayor), Paul Bach (alderman)

Municipal elections 2023

For the next municipal elections, on 11 June 2023, our team will be strengthened by young, motivated and competent candidates.

« Är Leit » wish…

Schéi Feierdeeg an e Glécklecht Neit Joer
Schöne Feiertage und Frohes Neues Jahr
Joyeuses Fêtes et Bonne Année
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Boas Festas e Feliz Ano Novo
Veselyh Svyat i Shchaslyvoho Novoho Roku

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