A convincing balance sheet!

Dear fellow citizens,

We have presented ourselves to you long before our opposing candidates, and once again our programme for the future has appeared first. Our plans are concrete and tailored to the needs of our community, far from pre-set slogans and party programmes.

„Är Leit“ are the only team that can present you with a balance sheet of all the achievements of the 2017 – 2023 mandate period.

No other grouping can claim this.

Out of the 6 budget bills presented by Är Leit, the „CSV“ voted 5 times in favour and 1 time against, the „DP“ votes 4 times in favour and 2 times against while „déi gréng“ abstained 1 time, voted 2 times in favour and 3 times against.

Despite the pandemic, supply bottlenecks, price increases and early local elections, the voluminous programme we promised you 6 years ago was largely implemented and even surpassed in some areas.

Certainly, the diverse projects have their price.

A total of 48.5 million euros were invested in new future-oriented infrastructures and services.

Dear fellow citizens,

If you are satisfied with our municipality, our balance sheet and our programme for the future, then continue to trust „Är Leit“, the team of your mayor.

But beware : the proportional representation system has its pitfalls.

In 2017, there were 10 candidates from „Är Leit“ among the 11 first elected, but despite this, „Är Leit“ only received 6 mandates in the municipal council due to this system.

In other words: Be vigilant and do not get involved in any experiments when distributing your votes!

Support „Är Leit“ effectively !

Distribute your 11 votes ONLY on list 5 !!!

Achievements of the 2017 – 2023 mandate period

1. Spatial and residential planning

  • Completion of the new PAG (General Community Development Plan)
  • Extension of the commercial and service zone „an der Kléck“ next to the motorway access road (gas station)
  • Resurfacing of the „Rue de Prettange“ in Hünsdorf
  • New pavement for the „Rue Alsbich“ in Hünsdorf
  • Redesign of the „Cité Roger Schmitz“ in Bofferdingen
  • Removal of the Lorentzweiler railroad barrier (PN20b) and redesign of the station
  • Redesign of the platforms and construction of a new underpass with elevator in cooperation with the Road Administration and the CFL
  • Construction of a new road to Hünsdorf by the Road Administration. At the urging of the Aldermen, a safe pedestrian and bicycle path was also built here
  • New parking lot at the school complex as part of the expansion of the „Campus Jos Wohlfart“ in Lorentzweiler
  • Redesign of the „Rue Jean-Pierre Glaesener“ near the central school in Lorentzweiler into a „Shared Space“
  • Securing the preservation of an approx. 70 acre plot of land with a courtyard for the purpose of creating a village center with „Shared Space“ in the „Rue St. Laurent“ in Lorentzweiler
  • Purchase of the Maison „Hilbert“ in Lorentzweiler and the establishment of social housing there
  • Creation of an ecological parking lot in the „Rue de l’Alzette“ in Helmdingen.
  • Redesign and modernization of the Bofferdingen water tank.
  • Completion of the drilling for the re-supply of the „Wäissbaach“ spring
  • Renewal of the pumps in the pumping station in the „Dielchen“
  • Electronic monitoring of the drinking water network and monitoring of the communal infrastructures
  • Drinking water quality award „Drëpsi
  • Heavy rain investigation in Lorentzweiler for the analysis and prevention of flooding and partial implementation of safety measures
  • Construction of the collector between the N7 under the railroad line up to the technical service as part of the overall concept for rainwater drainage
  • Takeover of the Cité „A Romescht“ and designation of the zone 30
  • Redesign of the cemeteries in Hünsdorf and Blascheid (Lorentzweiler in the fall of 2023)
  • Two proposals for the establishment of a forest cemetery were rejected by the Ministry of the Environment. Another proposal of the municipality has not yet been evaluated by the Ministry of Environment.
  • ZAMID intermunicipal trade zone on „Mierscherbierg“ in cooperation with Lintgen and Mersch

2. Services and social offers

  • New hall for the technical service
  • Expansion of the vehicle fleet for the technical municipal service
  • Acquisition of a tanker for our fire department (CGDIS)
  • Approval of a pharmacy in the municipality by the Ministry of Health
  • Installation of defibrillators in all localities of the municipality
  • Redesign of the website
  • Digital information board
  • New layout of our “Gemengebuet”
  • City – App Lorentzweiler
  • Hoplr – App
  • Night Rider
  • Citizen participation through surveys, workshops and forums
  • Festive lighting for the City Hall
  • New mobile beverage dispenser
  • Mobile dishwashing cart
  • „Pack-Up“ stations at the train station and gas station in Lorentzweiler
  • New ATM at the gas station in Lorentzweiler
  • Solidarity during the pandemic
  • Support for Ukraine

3. Nature and environment

  • Construction of further solar panels on the sports hall and the city hall
  • Joining the SICONA (Nature Conservation Syndicate)
  • 50% certification in the Climate Pact 2.0
  • Signing of the Nature Pact and completion of the first audit
  • „Nova Naturstroum“
  • GMO and pesticide free municipality
  • Award with label „Fairtrade municipality”
  • Conversion to LED lighting in all municipal buildings
  • Comprehensive conversion of street lighting to LED (by 2025)
  • Designation of cul-de-sacs with indication of pedestrian and bicycle passages
  • Development and repair of walking and cycling paths
  • Creation of a new pedestrian path in Blascheid to the „Haisercher”
  • Fortification of the slope in the „Rue de Blaschette“
  • Renewal of forest and dirt roads out of town
  • Installation of insect-friendly LED lighting on the Lorentzweiler-Hünsdorf pedestrian path
  • Creation of a community garden with a public toilet in Hünsdorf
  • Continuation of the studies for the renaturation of the Alzette in cooperation with the neighboring communities and the Ministry of the Environment.
  • Various climate and environmental projects (energy saving measures, awareness-raising actions, „Grouss Botz“, „Dag vum Bam“, Action „Bongerten“, local market, garage sale, „Fairtrade Brunch“, „Tour du Duerf“, Action „E Stopp fir e Mupp“, „Antigaspi“, …)
  • New waste concept with the introduction of new waste garbage cans with chip in cooperation with SIDEC
  • Transparent information on the part of the Board of Aldermen on the planned 380 kV line commissioned by the Ministry of Energy: statements and exchange with the municipalities of Steinsel and Junglinster, working meetings with the municipal councils of Lorentzweiler and Steinsel, working meetings with all concerned authorities and ministries, exchange and support of the citizens‘ initiative 380kV Lorentzweiler. The protection of our citizens is and remains our top priority.

4. Education and support

  • Expansion of the Jos Wohlfart campus with the addition of the extension of the crèche, the Maison Relais with a school restaurant and 8 additional classrooms
  • Acquisition of the latest didactic school material
  • School projects (circus „Zappzarap“, „Clever move“, „Prett fir de Lycée“, LASEP, „coupe scolaire…)
  • Renovation of the school garden
  • Accompanying school children to sports activities on foot (Pedibus)
  • Renewal and expansion of the playgrounds and planting of additional shady high trunk trees
  • Renewal of the roofing of the Neolithic house in Blascheid
  • Expansion and conversion of the Bofferdingen School into the „House of Music and Youth“ with new rooms for the music school, a large rehearsal hall for our Fanfare and a spacious room for the cultural archives
  • Expansion of the offer of the music school and development into a regional structure with the other Alzettetal communities.
  • Language courses for adults as well as sports and fitness classes for young and old
  • Extension and reconstruction of the „Club Senior Uelzechtdall“ in Lorentzweiler

5. Recreation, sports and culture

  • Redesign of the sports fields with the construction of a synthetic football field and conversion to LED lighting
  • Air dome for the roofing of 2 tennis fields during winter
  • New seats in the gymnasium and adaptation to the new safety regulations
  • Renewal of fitness equipment in the syndicate PIDAL
  • Redesign of the surroundings of the central school (new fencing of the beach volleyball field, pétanque, multisports and parking lot)
  • Purchase of a plot of land in the „Rue de Hünsdorf“ for the expansion of the sports and open-air infrastructure
  • „Nuit du Sport“
  • Fitness classes
  • Repair of the roof of the „Centre Culturel“ in Helmdingen and adaptation to the new safety regulations
  • Joining the „Office régional de tourisme centre-ouest“ (ORT Guttland)
  • Signposting of various forest trails in collaboration with the ORT Guttland
  • Repair of the cave „Gourmangslay“
  • Extension of the sculpture trail
  • Renewal of the drinking water dispenser on the bicycle track between Helmdingen and Hünsdorf
  • Creation of an ecological park in Hünsdorf
  • Approval of a shelter in the park Hünsdorf was rejected by the Ministry of Environment several times and is currently in legal proceedings as a result of the action of the municipal council against the decision of the Ministry
  • Construction of a public toilet next to the playground in Hünsdorf
  • Setting up of book and multimedia booths
  • Free WIFI access in public buildings
  • Use of churches for cultural events and concerts
  • Sculpture symposium
  • New cultural projects in the public space: photo exhibitions along the bike path, „Rewind-Remind“, “Störende Wahrheiten”
  • After consulting all owners of buildings worthy of protection, 80% of the owners were persuaded to leave their property on the list of municipally protected buildings drawn up by the Ministry of Culture