Alexander Frazer

35, Bofferdange

Municipal council member
Primary school teacher


President of the Media Commission
President of the Youth Commission
Member of the Climate Team
Member of the board of the „Panthères Noires Lorentzweiler
Member of the „Fanfare Hielem-Luerenzweiler

Frazer Alexander attended elementary school in Lorentzweiler. After finishing secondary school at the „Lycée Technique Michel Lucius“ he studied computer science at the „University of East Anglia“ and then attended the prestigious Sandhurst military school. There he completed his military training and joined the „Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers“ to participate in peacekeeping missions in both Iraq and Afghanistan in 2006 and 2011.

From 2012 to 2014, Frazer was responsible for the training of future officers of the British Army at the „Royal Military Academy Sandhurst“, where he taught management, leadership and strategy.

In 2015, he returned to Luxembourg and worked in the private sector as a project manager and consultant for four years. His main role was to advise companies on management, drawing on his military experience.

Since 2019, Frazer has been a teacher and has accepted a permanent position at Michel Lucius International Primary School in September 2022.

Frazer has always been an active member in Lorentzweiler clubs. As a child, he played football for the FC Lorentzweiler and joined the „Fanfare Hielem – Luerenzweiler“, where he still plays the trumpet. In his youth, Frazer was involved in the „Panthères Noires Lorentzweiler“ as a group leader and is now a member of the board.

In secondary school, he was also president of the student board for two years.

Sports play a very important role in his life. Frazer is a licensed runner with the „Cercle Athletique Belvaux“ and participates in many cross, semi and marathon races. He has received numerous amateur titles at the ING Marathon and won the marathon vice-champion title in 2016. Due to his sense of sustainability, he often rides his bike to work.

A passionate singer (tenor), he regularly participates in the performance of great works with the „Choeur de Chambre Luxembourg“ at the Philharmonie.

Frazer was elected to the municipal council at his first attempt in the 2017 elections and has since been involved in the Media Commission, the Youth Commission and the Climate Team.

Frazer Alexander is not a member of a political party and lives in Bofferdingen.

Bach Paul

58, Asselscheuer

3 children


President of the HELP care network
President of the „Asbl Uelzechtdall“
Member of the board of directors of the Red Cross
President of the Cultural Commission and the Archive Commission
President of the PIDAL Syndicate
Municipal representative in the syndicate SIDERO
Member of the board of the LSAP section Lorentzweiler

Paul Bach was elected as the youngest member of the Municipal Council at his first attempt in 1987 and was immediately entrusted with the position of Alderman. For 23 years, Paul has represented the Lorentzweiler Board of Aldermen in all matters of local politics together with Jos Roller and Jim Weis.

In order to be able to devote himself more to his family, he resigned his position as Alderman to Marguy Kirsch-Hirtt in 2010.

After Jos Roller stepped down from his position and since his children have grown up in the meantime, Paul took over the position of the first Alderman in April 2022.

Paul is also the president of the swimming and wellness syndicate PIDAL and represents the Lorentzweiler interests in the syndicate SIDERO, responsible for the treatment of waste water.

As the president of the Cultural Commission, he and his collaborators have created, among others, the project „Disturbing Truths“, a contemporary art exhibition in the public space, as well as the Sculpture Symposium.

He continues to be president of the Archive Commission and, together with his colleagues, implemented, among others, the project „REWIND-REMIND“, which is widely recognised far beyond the borders of Luxembourg.

Socially committed from the beginning, he has been the president of the „Asbl Uelzechtdall“ since 1990, which runs the regional „Club Senior Uelzechtdall“ for 9 municipalities. More than 3000 people now participate in the activities of the club. For the municipalities Lorentzweiler and Lintgen the youth center „An der Sonn“ is managed.

As the president of the „Asbl Uelzechtdall“, Paul has also been active in the board of directors of the care network „HELP“ since 2004, first as vice president and since 2012 as president. Under his leadership, the emergency call system „HELP24“ was further developed and the care network expanded. „HELP“ now has over 1100 employees who provide care to about 12,600 people nationwide every year. „HELP“ is also one of the largest employers in the Lorentzweiler community with its „Foyer de Jour“ and „Aide et Soins à Domicile“ services. Because of his knowledge in this field, he was also appointed to the Board of Directors of the „Luxembourg Red Cross“.

Paul has been a member of the Board of Directors of the LSAP Lorentzweiler Section since 1988. He teaches at the elementary school in Colmar-Berg and lives with his children Olivier, Iris and Amadeo in Asselscheuer.

Calvario Diana

53, Lorentzweiler

Municipal council member
Cultural representative of the municipality of Steinsel
Married, 3 sons, 1 daughter

Member of the Cultural Commission
Member of the Commission for Environment and Sustainable Development
Member of the Commission for Media and Communication
Member of the Commission for Roads and Traffic
President of „Är Leit“ ASBL

Diana Calvario was born in Germany in 1969 and partly grew up in Brazil. She has lived in Luxembourg since 1982 and graduated from the European School in 1988.

After her divorce, as a single mother of three sons, she started her professional career in the information technology field. First in a private company and then at the INFPC (Institut National pour le développement de la Formation Professionnelle Continue), where she took the post of webmaster and IT manager.

In 2003, she came to the commune of Lorentzweiler, where her three children attended primary school.

Since 2006, Diana has been married to Georges Pfeiffenschneider, a teacher, and they have a daughter, Julie.

In 2010, she created the Lorentzweiler Facebook group with now over 1,900 members with the goal of providing a platform for residents to share concerns and information. This project was so successful that she had to add two more people as administrators.

In 2013, she took on a new professional challenge and took over the grocery store in Lorentzweiler. Providing local products to the residents became not only her new job, but also her hobby. Unfortunately, her dream of a local grocery store proved to be unprofitable after 6 years. However, instead of giving up, she then transformed her business idea and has since offered natural products in the areas of health, wellness, yoga and meditation.

In October 2022, she took on another challenge, working part-time as cultural officer for the Steinsel municipality.

After the resignation of Jos Roller, she moved up to the municipal council.

Diana is not a member of a political party.

Frisch Bob

43, Blaschette

Civil servant at the tax administration



Member of the Building Commission and the Media Commission
Member of the board of the fire department Lorentzweiler asbl
Member of the board of the „Fondation Kim Kirchen’’
Member of the LSAP, Lorentzweiler section

Bob grew up in Bourglinster and attended elementary school there. After secondary school, he did his basic training in the Luxembourg Army and has been employed by the Tax Administration since 2000.

In his youth, Bob was an avid cyclist and competed in many mountain bike races. This is also how he got to know the former Luxembourgish professional cyclist Kim Kirchen. He is a founding member of the „Fondation Kim Kirchen“, which supports social youth projects in Luxembourg since 2015.

Bob is an active member in the Lorentzweiler fire department since being a teenager.

Bob has been married to Nadine Klepper since 2006. With their two children, Melina and Sam, they have lived in Blaschette since 2007. The family enjoys participating in the social and cultural life of our community. Melina (15) is a musician in the „Fanfare Hielem Luerenzweiler“ while

Sam (12) got to know his passion for football through the FC Lorentzweiler.

Nadine worked in the „Zwergenhaus“ of the Croix Rouge in Lorentzweiler for many years and is a school bus attendant of the municipality since 2019.

In his spare time, Bob also enjoys being a Dj with the „Singers Unlimited“ while being active at various festivals of local clubs.

His strong interest in political events has motivated Bob to join the group „Är Leit“ and support their progressive community politics.

Bob is a member of the LSAP.

Kirsch-Hirtt Marguy

61, Hünsdorf

Physics professor
Married, 2 daughters, 2 grandchildren


Vice-president of the Syndicate ZAMID (Zone Artisanale Mierscherdall)
Vice-president of the CIGR „Fläissege Fiischen“
President of the Finance, School, Integration and Environment Commissions
Responsible for the Climate Pact and Nature Pact
Member of the boards „Regional Musekschoul Uelzechtdall“, ORTCO „Guttland“, „Mierscher Lieshaus“
Municipal representative in the nature protection syndicate SICONA and in the „Klimabündnis Lëtzbuerg“,
Member of the „Fanfare Hielem-Luerenzweiler“
Treasurer of the LSAP section Lorentzweiler

Marguy Hirtt spent her youth in Mertert and attended the classical secondary school in Echternach and then studied Physics at the University of Liège. After her marriage to Siggy Kirsch in1989, she lived in Bereldingen until moving to Hunsdorf in 1996. From the start, the family actively participated in the social and cultural life of the commune and was particularly involved in the „Fanfare Hielem-Luerenzweiler“.

In the 2005 municipal elections, Marguy was elected to the municipal council in her first attempt. In January 2011, she took over the position of Alderman from Paul Bach and was convincingly confirmed in this position in the municipal elections in October 2011. Until recently, she represented the municipality in the SIDEC, SIGI and PIDAL syndicates and was president of the Building and Environmental Commissions.

She advocated for our local associations as president of the local „Entente des sociétés“ from November 2009 to June 2022.

Since April 2022, she has taken over the post of Mayor from Jos Roller.

By profession, Marguy is a physics professor at the Lycée Michel Lucius. Her husband Siggy taught at the „Lycée Privé Emile Metz“ until his retirement in October 2022.

They have two grown daughters, Christine and Catherine and two grandchildren.

As mayor, Marguy dedicates herself with great devotion to her manifold tasks and is committed to the concerns of our citizens. Her guiding principle: a healthy community with modern infrastructures and efficient services for the benefit of the inhabitants with the respect of nature and the environment.

To this end, Marguy would like to continue putting her knowledge, skills and experience at the service of the community.

She finds the necessary balance by jogging through the forest with her dog.

Marguy is a member of the LSAP and manages the treasury of the Lorentzweiler section.

Kremer Billy

36, Lorentzweiler

Local council member
Professional firefighter at the CGDIS, in charge of the operational organisation of special risks and crises.


Center chief adj. at the CGDIS in Lintgen
President of the Commission for Buildings, Public Buildings and Safety
Member of the Commission of Roads/Transportation and of the Commission of Culture
Board member of the syndicates PIDAL, ZAMID, SIDEC.

Billy Kremer was elected to the Lorentzweiler Municipal Council at his first attempt in 2017 with the group „ÄR LEIT“.

He lived with his parents and two brothers in the “ Cité Roger Schmitz “ in Bofferdingen until 2013 . After Lorentzweiler elementary school, he attended the “ Lycée Technique des Arts et Métiers “ in Luxembourg and then the “ Lycée Technique Alexis Heck “ in Diekirch.

His social attitude to provide service to others led him to become a member of the local fire department quite early. He was commander from 2012 to 2018 and is still an active member of our local rescue service.

As an active volunteer member since 2004 with the Civil Defense in Lintgen, he was able to turn his hobby into a career and has been employed as a civil servant with the State Emergency Services Administration, now CGDIS, since 2010.

In this capacity, he has participated in many major international and national emergency exercises on an EU basis and is now the officer for the operational organisation of special risks and crises in the CGDIS.

As a sports enthusiastic youth, he was an active player in the handball club Mersch from 1993 to 2006. Today, he is involved in the organisation of cultural, musical and other major events, among others in our Cultural Commission. As an active club person, local club life is very close to his heart and he helps out where he can.

Due to his expertise and training in preventive fire protection and safety, he was appointed president of the Commission for Buildings, Public buildings and Safety by the group “ Är Leit „.

A dedicated nature lover, Billy spends a considerable amount of his free time in our forests, where he can pursue his passion for hunting.

Since his youth, Billy has demonstrated a strong interest in the events and welfare of his home community and did not hesitate to file his candidacy for “ ÄR LEIT“ to actively support its progressive community policies. He had good election results straight away and is one of the excellent young people of „ÄR LEIT“.

Kremer Paule

34, Bofferdange

English professor


Member of the Youth Commission
Member of the Sports Commission

Paule Kremer is originally from Walferdange. After her A-levels at the „Lycée Robert Schuman“, she studied colonial and post-colonial English literature and anthropology at the „University of Sussex“ in Brighton, England.

There she discovered her love of sport and took up running. However, mere membership in the Brighton Phoenix club was not enough for her, which is why she also got involved on the board of the club. However, upon returning to Luxembourg, she changed sports. She took up triathlon and achieved some success at national level. Although she is no longer active in this sport, she is still involved in the board of the Trilux club and the national triathlon federation.

For some years now, Paule has only focused on swimming. She has conquered both the English Channel and the „Catalina Channel“ in California, becoming the first and so far only person from Luxembourg to do so.

However, not only concentrating on the athletic aspect, she always combined her crossings with a good cause to raise money for the stem cell donor project „Plooschter Projet“, on whose board she was involved for some time.

Since completing her teacher training in 2016, she has been employed as an English teacher at the „Lycée Ermesinde“ in Mersch.

Through her social commitment, Paule did not hesitate to join the group „Är Leit“ to put her knowledge and skills at the service of our community.

In her private life, she can often be seen with her dachshund „Néckel“.

Paule Kremer is not a member of a political party and lives with her partner in Bofferdange.

Linckels Sven

44, Lorentzweiler

Graduate engineer
Married, 2 daughters, 1 son


Vice President of the APEEP (Association des Parents d’Elèves de l’Enseignement Primaire)
Parent representative of the Lorentzweiler elementary school in the school commission
Member of the Building Commission
Member of the Youth Commission
Member of the Media Commission
Member of the „Guiden a Scouten St. Laurent“.

Sven Linckels was born in 1978 and has lived in Lorentzweiler ever since. After primary school, he completed his „Première“ at the capital’s „Lycée Robert Schuman“. Afterwards he studied „Applied Computer Science“ at the „Institut Supérieur de Technologie de Luxembourg“ and received his diploma as an engineer in 2002.

He started his career in 2002 at a small internet start-up company in the field of web engineering and later changed to the public sector where he works as a software engineer in the IT department of the „Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale“ since 2007.

In 2006, he married Myriam Maes, a qualified nurse from Lorentzweiler, and is now the proud father of daughters Eve and Svea and son Phil.

For almost 35 years Sven has been an active scout with the „Guiden a Scouten St. Laurent“. He has been using his organisational skills to serve the youth as a leader for numerous years.

Besides his activity as a scout, he is often found outside in nature. He loves day hikes with Myriam and his children, runs regularly on both the road and on trails, and is also occasionally seen on his mountain bike.

Since 2017, Sven has managed the Facebook site and the website for the „Är Leit“ group.

His commitment and interest in social issues motivated him to run for office with „Aer Leit“ in order to play an active role in shaping the future of his home community.

Sven is not affiliated with any political party.

Mersch Arno

71, Lorentzweiler

Bank official BCEE, retired
Married, 1 daughter, 2 grandchildren


President of the Sports and Recreation Commission and of the Field and Paths Commission
Member of the Building Commission
Member of the Finance Commission
Member of the Board of Directors of the CIGR „Fläissige Fiischen“ and the „GUTT WUNNEN“ Asbl
Municipal representative in the PIDAL, SEC, SICEC, and in the CCR
Treasurer of the FCL
Member of the board of the „Entente des Sociétés“.

Arno Mersch was born in Lorentzweiler and has lived in his home commune all his life.

After graduation, he first worked at the „Comptoir Pharmaceutique“. In 1972, he joined the State Savings Bank BCEE, where he was in charge of national and international bank guarantees at the headquarters of his bank until his retirement in 2012.

He was a member of the Municipal Council from February 2007 to June 2008, where he filled the mandate that had become vacant due to the incompatibility of the function of Léon Wietor.

In January 2014, he took over the municipal council mandate from Claude Wolff, and in June 2016, he took over the Alderman mandate from Jim Weis. In the municipal elections in October 2017, a convincing increase in votes confirmed his position on the Board of Aldermen. His election result thus allowed him to continue as Alderman.

In the future, he would also like to put his energy and experience in the service of the general public.

Arno Mersch is president of the Lorentzweiler Sports and Recreation Commission as well as of the Field and Path commission and a member of the Building and Finance Commissions. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the CIGR „Fläissige Fiischen“ and represents the Lorentzweiler interests in the syndicates PIDAL, SEC, SICEC and CCR. Likewise, he is representative of the municipality in the newly founded Asbl „Gutt Wunnen“.

The long-time and reliable goalkeeper of the FC Lorentzweiler has remained faithful to his club after the end of his active time until today and has been holding the office of treasurer since 1986. He repeatedly proves his organisational talent at the manifold manifestations of his club. Especially as a passionate hobby cook he is always in action at the many culinary events of the FCL.

His wife Monique Lakaff from Lorentzweiler also takes an active part in the commune’s social life. His daughter Diane is a qualified nurse and worked in the oncology department of the H.R.S. Zitha – Clinic before joining her husband’s medical technology company in Lorentzweiler as deputy managing director at the beginning of 2017. She also works part-time for the Fondation Jean-Pierre Pescatore.

Arno Mersch does not belong to any political party.

Wagner Fabienne

40, Blaschette

Qualified educator
Married, 1 daughter and 1 son


Member of the Youth Commission
Member of the Environment Commission
Member of the School Commission
President of the FNEL Scouts – Panthères Noires Lorentzweiler
Member of the Youth Commission of the FC Lorentzweiler
Member of the hiking club „Uelzecht Tramps Lintgen”

After attending the Lorentzweiler elementary school, Fabienne graduated from the „Institut d’études éducatives et sociales“ as a certified educator. Since starting her career, she has been able to gain a lot of experience in different social fields. Today, she works as an educator in the „Précoce“ of the municipality of Tandel. Not only in her job, but also in her free time, social commitment is of great importance to her.

During her childhood and youth she was already active in her home community Lorentzweiler, for example as a player at the VC Lorentzweiler and as a scout at the „Panthères Noires Lorentzweiler“.

For many years, she has been proving her organisational talent in the scouts as a chief and group leader and participated in the coordination of the former „Kanner-Gemengerot“ in Lorentzweiler.

After 33 years of activity with the FNEL-Panthères Noires Lorentzweiler, she now presides over the association as president and does so with the support of her entire family.

„To be actively involved in the life of the Lorentzweiler community“ is the family motto. Husband Andy is president of the parents‘ association APEEP and a member of the „Fanfare Hielem-Luerenzweiler“, just like her daughter. Her son plays football for FC Lorentzweiler. Here, Fabienne is involved in the youth Commission as well.

Fabienne finds balance by hiking through nature and in practising the self-defense training „Krav Maga“.

For a long time Fabienne has been interested in the happenings of her home municipality. She is a member of various municipal commissions and is now campaigning as a non-party candidate in the „Är Leit“ group to actively shape the future of the Lorentzweiler municipality.

Walisch Jasmine

44, Helmdange

Care insurance coordinator at „Op der Schock“ Asbl
1 son, 1 daughter


Member of the Cultural Commission
Member of the board of the „Amicale vun der Schoul fir Assistenzhonn-ASA“ Asbl, responsible for the campaign „E Stopp fir e Mupp“.

Jasmine Walisch was born in 1978 in Petingen and grew up in Schouweiler.

In 1999, she finished her training as a certified nurse and began working at the Sacré-Coeur Hospital.

A year and a half later, she moved to the blood donation center of the Luxembourg Red Cross where she stayed until 2005.

She then worked part-time at the Servior retirement home in Bofferdange.

From 2008 to 2018, she was in charge of the day center of the care network „HELP“ in Lorentzweiler.

Since January 2019, Jasmine has been working in Redingen at the Asbl Op der Schock. Here people with a mental impairment are able to work and live.

Jasmine takes care of and helps with insurance benefits (making initial applications, requesting reassessments, making settlements).

Jasmine lives in Helmdingen with her husband Jean-Luc De Matteis, their daughter Eva and her son Felix.

Jean-Luc works at the OGBL in Esch. Here, he mainly looks after employees in the construction industry.

In her free time, Jasmine likes to read and go for walks in nature with her dog Lucia. Lucia is a trained assistance dog and has regularly accompanied Jasmine to her workplace since 2015, where she is used to support the people in her care in their daily lives.

The family often and gladly participates in the social life of the Lorentzweiler community.

Working for the good of our citizens motivated Jasmine to run for office with the group „Är Leit“.

Jasmine is not a member of a political party.