A word from the mayor

Dear fellow citizens,

On Sunday, you will decide to whom you will entrust the fate of our community for the next 6 years.

I am sure you are aware of the consequences of this decision.

As the current mayor and the top candidate of the „Är Leit“ group, I would like to address you personally once again on behalf of my colleagues.

The „Är Leit “ team is an open citizens‘ list without party affiliations and has been presented to a long time ago.

„Är Leit“ were not only the first to present their programme, but we also clearly outlined our intentions. In doing so, you could see that we have no meaningless party slogans and generalities in this programme.

On the contrary, we have shown you concrete and realistic proposals for the future of our community.

„Är Leit“ are also the only team that can present you with a balance sheet.

Our balance sheet is the best proof of who has the indispensable competence, along with the many years of experience, our great commitment and the necessary assertiveness.

Moreover, all printed and online publications of „Är Leit“ as well as our contributions in the social media have been exclusively written, designed, translated and financed by ourselves. At www.aer-leit.lu you will find all our publications in 4 languages.

So I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my whole team for the good and united cooperation.

But beware: The proportional representation system can lead to unexpected and unintended results.

Whether you have sympathy for this or that person, please stay with the list 5 „Är Leit“ to avoid half-baked majorities. This is not the time for rash experiments.

More than ever, this is the time for continuity, experience and competence.

Dear fellow citizens,
Dear fellow citizens,

Your well-being and the quality of life in our community are and will remain our top priority.

Our realistic programme for the future, our impressive balance sheet, our dynamic team and our conviction that local politics should not be guided by party guidelines are the best and most convincing arguments for entrusting „Är Leit“ with the governance of our municipality for the next 6 years.

So put all 11 votes on list 5 „Är Leit“.
We will not disappoint you.

Marguy Kirsch-Hirtt,
Your mayor