How do I vote correctly? How do I vote usefully?

How do I vote correctly?

You have 11 votes.

There are 2 possibilities:

a) You can give each candidate 1 or a maximum of 2 votes.

In no case, are you allowed to give more than 11 votes

b) You blacken the circle on top of the list. This automatically gives each candidate one vote. You are then not allowed to give any other vote.

How do I vote usefully?

If you feel comfortable in our community, if you are satisfied with the services we offer and the work we do and if you want „Är Leit“ to continue to lead the community, then do not get involved in any uncertain experiments and trust the team of your mayor, her aldermen and councillors as well as her young and dynamic junior candidates.

a) Blacken the circle above the list 5 of „Är Leit“ or

b) Distribute all 11 votes to the candidates of the list 5 of „Är Leit“

Only by clearly supporting „Är Leit“ you have the guarantee that an experienced, competent, responsible and long proven team will be entrusted with the shaping of our community in the future.

„Är Leit“ have proven their competence and assertiveness for a long time.

„Är Leit“, a trustworthy team without political constraints, is and remains a guarantor for a safe, correct and future-oriented municipal leadership!

Distribute all votes on the list 5 of „Är Leit“